Theatre Rental


Thank you for your interest in hosting an event at Chase Park Plaza Cinemas. Below you will find all of the most critical information associated with private rental of an auditorium.


As we understand that every event may have its own unique needs, please consider this information as a baseline for what to expect with your booking and how to navigate the process of scheduling and paying for your event.


Note: If it helps with your decision making, the easiest days and times for us to book private events are generally Monday through Friday, with a starting time between 8:00am and 3:00pm. Due to strict contractual obligations to our movie studio partners in Hollywood, booking private events during evening hours or on weekends or holidays is always a challenge and cannot always be guaranteed.



The most critical information we need from you:

  1. Proposed Event Date and Event Time (when your event is advertised to begin)

  2. Arrival Time (when you would like to have physical access into the auditorium)

  3. Departure Time (when you would like to physically surrender the auditorium)

  4. Will you need use of our PA system (auditorium #3 only)

  5. Will you need any special provisions for concession purchases


Please note that there is a difference in Event Time versus Arrival Time/Departure Time. This is important information as we need to know when you'd like to actually take possession of the auditorium and when you'd like to completely surrender the auditorium.



If you schedule your event to start at 1:00pm, but you want to arrive at 12:00pm to begin setting up, we need to know that. Likewise, if your scheduled event ends at 2:30pm, but you hope to have time to mingle with guests inside the auditorium until 4:00pm, we need to know that, too. So on paper, your event may read to your guests as starting at 1:00pm and ending at 2:30pm, when in actuality your total possession of the auditorium would be 12:00pm to 4:00pm. So for scheduling and billing, the actual rental time would be 12:00pm-4:00pm.



Important Note About Four Wall Pricing Versus House Buy Pricing:

Four Wall is industry terminology for renting an auditorium to show a movie that you produced yourself or a movie on Blu Ray that you've provided. A Four Wall is not (usually) an advertised screening. A Four Wall can also be the rental of an auditorium to host a business meeting, or a birthday party, or a baby shower, or anything else you can think of.

A House Buy isn't really a private rental, but is rather a private screening of a film that is currently enjoying its first theatrical run (in other words, a movie that's playing right now at the cinema). House Buys are subject to the terms contractually mandated by our movie studio partners in Hollywood. For a House Buy, we are bound to charge the standard ticket rate pricing for ALL seats available in the auditorium you are occupying. This is very different than our Four Wall pricing, as covered above.


Current Concession Menu (Subject to Change):


Auditoriums Available To Rent:


If your're ready to submit an event proposal, please send a detailed email to

We will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours